Cats Make Good Pets

Cats have been domesticated from ancient times. They are easily domesticated and love to cuddle and interact with people. cats come in various sizes, color, and breeds. Although people tend to attach some mysticism to cats, they are as natural as any other animal. Those claims should not discourage a potential cat owner from adopting one irrespective of color.

In this article, we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of having a cat. Hopefully, you will be able to make a better decision after reading through.


Cats are easy to please, they do not require large space they can be left with kids and the elderly because they love to cuddle and enjoy being stroked. They adapt to having other animals in the home so you do not have to worry if you intend to bring in more pets apart from your pet cat. They are highly independent and do not require you to walk them regularly. They are also good with special needs kids and have calming effects for people who need the therapeutic value of living with pets. Animals such as dogs, cats, and sheep have been used as service animals to bring psychological relief to people who need it. Let’s not forget that cats help us keep rodents away from our environment.


Cats are quite feisty, they can be destructive too damaging chairs, shoes, carpets and whatever else catches their fancy. Because they are independent, they may not like to be handled for too long. Their litter box needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly so be prepared for the task.

All in all, the advantages of having a pet cat far outweigh the disadvantages. The Golden rule for keeping a pet cat as with other pets is to remember that they are living creatures and they require some response time wise and financially. They are not toys to be handed to kids make sure to supervise kids left with any pet even a cat.