How Often Do I Need To Feed My Fish

Quality nourishment is the first condition of survival and wellbeing of every live organism. Quantity and frequency of meals depend on the organism itself, its size or preference (carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous). Every species has its own nutrition habits and when it comes to pet’s owners should try to respect their habits if they want them to be alive and well. Therefore fish are no exception. Feeding them too often can lead to obesity which can have serious consequences, just like on humans, but on the other hand feeding, those too rare will lead them to starvation. Finding the right rate is the key to success.

There are some owners that believe that fish should be fed more frequently but in smaller doses, which is something that an automatic feeder can do. But let’s be honest, that really depends on owners schedule and time and there are no many people that can allow that schedule. Therefore, there are a lot of people that feed their fish once a day. These lovely and silent creatures can survive some time without food, especially if there are herbivorous since they will find something to eat in the aquarium) but let’s not overdo it.

fishSo, we can conclude that 2-3 times a day can be the best frequency. If you have a younger population you should do it more times a day. You feed your pet more times a day with smaller meals, right? Do the same thing for your pets. The process of feeding shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. You can shut down your filters so they don’t get the food out before time. Feed them for 5 minutes and if they eat everything to give them some more, don’t be stingy with them. But if you see that they stop eating or you notice leftovers in the water be nice and get them out. You don’t want to ruin their water. But if you have doubts about the quantity, better give them less than overfeeding them. Overfeeding your pets can be really dangerous.

Remember that it is not just the quantity, but the quality and variety matters as well. Look after their diet as well. Don’t you like same food all the time, do you? Neither do they, so give them something different whenever you can, but be sure to explore first what they will and what they won’t eat. Find the food they like!

Fish are very intelligent creatures, remember that. They will quickly learn who is bringing food and they will run to greet you. Just like any other form of life.